Posted May 16, 2016

The Akkarai Sisters will join Beches Indian Brew in October


Akkarai Sisters, Akkarai Subhalakshmi and Akkarai Sornalatha, violin, voice:

We are SO proud and happy that the sisters will join Beches Indian Brew for our tour in Sweden and Scandinavia during the second half of October. Our first concert will be at Kulturhuset in Stockholm at 4 pm on October 16th on the last day of the Stockholm Jazz Festival. On the same evening the Akkarai Sisters will give a Karnatic recital at the Stockholm Sangeet Conference. The next day, on October 17 we play at the Gothenburg Concert Hall. More dates later.

”The two sisters have created quite a storm in the South Indian classical music community, they perform duets of the highest quaility, they do it as a violin duo AND they do it equally great as a vocal duo which is something unheard of before. When we played in Chennai the younger sister Sornalatha played with us but after hearing the sisters in concert we liked it so much that we invited the elder sister Subhalakshmi to join us as well and we are so happy that she liked our music and is coming along on this tour as well.” –

Here is a video from a unique concert where they play their violins for the first hour and then sing during the second:

Posted May 12, 2016

Old and New Dreams – OND PINGST lördag-söndag på Pygmeteatern


Den legendariske Bo Anders Persson från Träd, Gräs och Stenar är i stan på lördag!

Man behöver inte sitta och kolla det där jävla skitjippot på TV, det finns LEVANDE musik att höra när Old and New Dreams har en liten festival lördag-söndag på Pygmeteatern: OND PINGST!

Lördag kl 19: Bo Anders Persson och Elias Krantz, gitarr – Lisa Ullén, keys – Elsa Bergman, bas – Bengt Berger, trummor.

Söndag kl 18:  Lise-Lotte Norelius, elektronik – Anna Lund, trummor – Anton Svanberg, tuba – Sören Runolf, cello, elektronik – Marta Forsberg, fiol, elektronik.

Pygmeteatern är en otroligt fin musikscen med en härlig bar. Vegagatan 17, T-bana Odenplan. Väl mött.

Här är vårt Facebook-event

Posted May 2, 2016

Even more praise for Z.M. Dagar and Pandit Taranath’s Live in Stockholm



Raul da Gama is telling it like it is in his great review of Chandrakauns. Read his all at World Music Report

RootsWorld has a great and insightful review of the Chandrakauns raag rendered at Live in Stockholm 1969 written by Warren Senders: “Dagarsaheb’s entire musical career served as a refutation to those who confuse musical accomplishment with mere virtuosity, for he could convey more in one note than most other musicians could in a year’s worth of dazzling pyrotechnics……Enjoy this exquisite hour of music from one of the greatest masters of adagio the world has ever known.” You find his review HERE.

Earlier the album was praised in Soundscape Magazine.
It was also reviewed in Tidningen Kulturen, and in SoundofMusic but those are written in Swedish.

Posted April 24, 2016

“Jädermeister” from the India tour

We are preparing some more videos from our Indian tour. In these we will focus not on the cooperation with the Indian maestros, but rather on some of the pieces we presented to the Indian audiences. Here is the first one, Jädermeister (by Bengt Berger), a piece for Sir Thomas Jäderlund played during the first part of our concert at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai on January 3rd 2016.
The soloists are Sir Thomas Jäderlund, Göran Klinghagen, Mats Öberg and Staffan Svensson.

Beches Brew BIG: ”Sopandev” Bengt Berger, drums; Lise-Lotte Norelius, percussion/electronics; Stefan Bellnäs, bass; Mats Öberg, keyboard; Göran Klinghagen and Max Schultz, guitars; Staffan Svensson, flugel horn; Sir Thomas Jäderlund, alto saxophone.
Sound by Sigge Krantz. Filmed by Jöns Jönsson and Anna Intemann. Thanks to Musikverket, Y. Prabhu, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Karaikudi Mani Iyer.

Posted April 22, 2016

4th death anniversary for great violinist friend Bombay K. Shivakumar today.


People die a lot these days unfortunately. Just heard of the great Prince’s demise and today is the fourth anniversary of a very close friend and great violinist in Hindustani as well as Karnatic music, Bombay K. Shivakumar. Here is a Intajaala by Veena Kuppier in Begda raga – Adi talam from our digital-only album Karnatic Harmonium with harmonium wizard Muthunathesa Bhagvatar, K. Shivakumar and P.S. Devarajan, mridangam:

Shivakumar is also playing on our Swamy Haridhos albums Classical Bhajans and More Classical Bhajans

We miss him a lot.